About Us

Quality & Efficiency

As a world-class manufacturer, Light Metals employs a stringent control system to assure you of the quality reputation that we have earned industry-wide. We have statistical process controls in place for everything we make, allowing us to inspect parts continuously as they are developed. This continuous inspection procedure, along with the full-service nature of LMC, allows us to identify potential problems earlier than other suppliers and make continuous improvements along the way. The result is one of the highest ratios of cost-to-quality in the market. At Light Metals, we don’t simply meet standards – we set them.

Our Services


  • Part consulting and concept review.

  • Full-services part consulting and specifications.

  • Rapid prototyping and proof of concept services.


  • Best-in-class at unique shapes.

  • Your choice of aluminum alloy.

  • On-premise sawing and heat treat for quality assurance.


  • Complete fabrication facilities on-site.

  • Part shaping: sawing, welding, forming, custom milling, piercing, notching and more!

  • Add bolts, hinges, plastic or rubber to complete your part.


  • Anodized finishes in bright, clear, satin and colors.

  • Custom finishes: brushed, buffed, plain, polished or etched.

  • All of our finishing done in-house, so there’s no unnecessary added costs.

Our Specialization

Light Metals Corporation specializes in full-service aluminum engineering and production facilities for manufacturers of all industries. Based in Wyoming, Michigan, our central UI location makes sure you receive the service and speed you require from a supplier, whether local or abroad.

From our commitment to quality to our experienced staff, Light Metals is the partner you’ve been looking for when it comes to aluminum parts. We’ve been in business since 1947, so there’s not a part concept we haven’t seen.